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Linqq has proved to be really favorable for me! Their blogs are simply great and so motivating. The topics that they have chosen are not common which makes the article worth reading. Thank you Linqq for helping me so much and that too unknowingly.


I could relate so much with their ‘common struggles faced by an entrepreneur’ article. There was so much understanding that I gathered from that article. Keep up the good work Linqq, you are doing incredibly well. Looking forward to read more interesting topics from you.


Their app is so great! The first day on this app allowed me to interact with so many generous people. I would totally rate this app 5.

Ramandeep Kaur

Wow linqq, what an awesome app! This is my 3rd day on this app and it is going really good. Have been talking to few people and gathering so much knowledge about the same. Great going linqq.


Their interview section is marvelous! I have received such interesting information on them and the struggles that they have faced. Looking forward to seeing more such interviews that is why I have even subscribed on their website! Keep up the good work team.


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