About- Us

LINQQ is a hyperlocal professional networking platform which helps you build meaningful professional relationships. LINQQ is here to change the way you network professionally. LINQQ app makes a perfect platform which bridges the gap between professionals, freelancers, businesses and startups to make a one-stop shop for all networking opportunities. LINQQ aims to bring together all professionals on one platform where they can network, connect, collaborate, discuss, help and build each other in a comprehensive way. But even with this, we make sure you are connected only with people who are geographically closer and possess the skill/interest that you are looking for. We work on the model of purpose-driven networking that is connected for a reason.


Business networking has become crucial for success in today’s world. LINQQ helps you grow your network beyond your personal network helping you open more avenues and see a substantial growth both professionally and personally! LINQQ has been developed with the thought of making people network while building themselves. We want to make it easy to connect people with a need or problem with people who can offer solutions or guidance. The possibilities after joining our app are endless – find co-founders, hire freelancers, brainstorm marketing ideas, look for like-minded professionals, pitch your startup idea to a VC, find a mentor – the list is endless. All you have to do is start.

LINQQ is the new way to meet interesting professionals nearby with 4 easy steps –

  1. Discover: Our AI-powered app shows profiles matching your criteria thus eliminating any wastage of time.
  2. Connect: Send them a request with a set agenda according to your requirements.
  3. Collaborate: Start networking and help each other in achieving respective business/professionals goals.
  4. Search: You can search for professionals based on your interests, skills, industry, purpose, location, name, company name etc.

Features of LINQQ App

Here are some of our chief features to make these steps simpler for you:

Create your profile and share details about you and your work experience – choose your field of interest, location, what are you looking for etc.
We find matches according to your location and interests, thus eliminating any wastage of time. You see profiles which match your criteria.
Find people who are looking quintessentially for you, to turn your ‘can happen’ to ‘will definitely happen’ and help you achieve whatever you are looking for.
You will be specifically searched according to your skills and interests, and therewith connected to the right professional match.

Download LINQQ Now

All you have to do is download and make your profile – then a world of professional opportunities is at your fingertips! What are you waiting for?

Start networking now.