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Are startups a good place to start your career?

India has become a hub of startups. These startups are giving way to employment opportunities for people from diverse domains, especially youth.

Following are the reasons why entering into the startup world can be beneficial and exciting proposition:

More responsibilities = More learning
Working in a startup means that you play an important role in a small team. Thus, working here will increase your learning experience. Consequently, you become more responsible, reliable, versatile and willing to explore. Contrastingly, the importance of a team member in a bigger team might not be very significant.

Plethora of opportunities
A startup might not pay you as much a comfy corporate job would. However, you gain a plethora of opportunities to attain new skills while doing various tasks. In the long run, this gain of experience will compensate for the pay cut. Doing different things shall also make the job interesting for you.

The company of innovative people
It is a fact that people to accept the risk and start their own business are high on ideas and welcome unique perspectives. In this way, you can explore more and ultimately be original. The novel approach of the founders will help you see the other side of the coin and find an unusual way to approach things

Recognition of work
The startup makes it harder to ignore a person who is doing a good job. If it is you, the credit is all yours. If it is a team work, the small yet efficient team is to be appreciated. However, your mistakes will also be noticed but that will help you strive for perfection. Thus, it is never a bad thing!

Lively work environment
Working with a startup enables you to easily chill out with your team and even bosses after work. The excitement of working with people you like will make solving issues easier because you can always go to the person and have a one-on-one discussion.

Working in these close-knit groups helps you experience joy and pride of building something from scratch. This will surely fill you up with positive energy and will make you feel good about yourself.

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