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Chitranshu Mahant

Co-Founder & CEO, Primeos

Q. How would you describe yourself and your company?

I am one of the co-founders and CEO of PrimeOS and my strength lies in the other 2 co-founders Aman Gupta (CTO) and Aman Verma (COO). We have completed our bachelor’s degree from IIT Delhi in 2015.  

I started my career as a business development head for an early stage company, Smartivity, before founding PrimeOS in 2017. My participation with Smartivity in the initial stages of my career helped me gain experience and understand the problems in building a company and helping it reach to a certain level.

PrimeOS are the frontrunners in exploiting Android ecosystem for desktop experience.

  • Higher Performance- Android emulators are technology of the past. PrimeOS takes the maximum usage of the machine. It gives 40% higher performance than any other Android emulators.
  • Complete Android apps compatibility with seamless desktop experience.

Also, we have an android based high-performance affordable laptop specially designed for education called Primebook. It is powered by PrimeOS operating system, engineered for seamless desktop experience on Android.

Tell us about the team building duties of a founder i.e., what do you look for while building a team?

As a founder I believe the team is the most crucial part of a company, first 10 people in the company decides the future and lays the basic foundation. We believe in hiring smart people to tell us what to do and not the other way round. If a company has to become big the first 10 people have to understand that they are also going to grow individually and they play a very critical role in shaping their career along with the growth of the company.

How would you best describe the right “Company culture”?

The right company culture is where each of the members in the company understands his or her importance in building the company and enjoys their contributions and achievements as if they are their own.

What are the accomplishments that shaped your career? What inspires you to succeed?

I have been part of two companies at the management level at different stages; this led me to understand the nitty gritties in running a company at various levels. I have setup a distribution network in 50+ cities and more than 2,000 retail stores across India in a period of 1.5 years at Smartivity; this helped me understand the business development process. In the new age India where Digital Education will be the next form of learning, we wish to create the ideal ecosystem and basic infrastructure for digital learning, digital education in India.

The above problem motivates us everyday to empower every student of India with best technology in education and make every citizen digitally literate.

You have recently acquired funding from Venture Catalysts. What are your objectives from these funds?

We will use these funds for product development and to grow our business even further. After gaming, we are expanding into Digital Learning and Digital Education. The main verticals that PrimeOS is targeting are ed-tech and consumer electronics.

What major threats/opportunities do you foresee for PrimeOS?

We are in a competitive space with big players like Windows and ChromeOS. There are pros and cons as well of being a big company. Our competitors have developed generic OS, where the customer has to figure out the use cases with their product. On the other hand we believe in providing solution to customers instead of a product. We have developed customized solutions with PrimeOS to cater specific user needs.

How do you accustom yourself for major industry changes?

An industry change is a gradual process. We believe in constant development and pivots as per the changes in the industry. It is a journey in which the company has to make sure that it stays ahead all the time.

What are your overall projections for fiscal year 2018-19?

India has the highest number of students in the world. A laptop is a necessary device for students and still the laptop market in not disrupted in India unlike the Smartphones. Average entry price ($450) and poor performance in budget laptop (<$250) are the major reasons for it. We created PrimeOS – An Android based laptop OS meticulously engineered to maximize the performance and productivity of budget laptops (<$250). With PrimeOS we are projecting to get 2, 00,000 users in this financial year.

We believe after a period of 5 years, even the primary education will shift to digital medium. Every student will have a laptop for studies, we see ourselves as frontrunners in providing the ideal operating system, PrimeOS – specifically designed for Digital Education, to every laptop brand working in the education sector.

We are projecting revenue through:

  • Advertising/Affiliate Marketing
  • PrimeOS Licensing
  • PrimeOS powered budget laptops

We are projecting revenue of $600,000 by FY 18-19 and a user base of 5 million users globally by the end of 2022, with our main focus in the developing nations.

What advise do you want to give to budding entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is more of an art that science. Think of yourselves as travelling on the path of a rockstar where there will be many ups and downs in the journey and only your perseverance and truthfulness to the art can take you places.

A company is a human created by law, which has its own bank account, PAN card – a complete identity. An entrepreneur has to make sure that this human is able to fulfill all its need in terms of finances (Funding), image in the society (Brand), inner turmoil is stable (company culture) and every other aspect in wellbeing of this human. This perspective may help an entrepreneur in taking actions for the critical things – just like the steps taken to raise a baby.

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