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Do we need to adopt a sales mindset for business growth?

A simple answer, yes. Even the most basic sales training builds an average seller out of a complete novice. Here are five common mindsets that are observed in the most successful and effective sellers.

They clearly understand their “Why”

In order to become an extraordinary seller, a person needs to discover their “Why”. A study stated that where most people understand “what” their organizations do and “how” they do it, the great leader clearly understands the “why” behind their product or service. Similarly, great sellers are able to understand “why” they sell a product and how it will genuinely help their customer. This results in a natural sales process and experience.

They help, not sell

Effective sellers lead with the mindset of wanting to help versus wanting to sell. They understand how their product can help their customers by internalizing the benefits and value. This helps them in viewing their world through a lens of understanding and empathising instead of a transactional lens.

They focus on what can be controlled

Only two elements of the job can be controlled by a seller – their attitude and effort. Rejection and lost sales are inevitable. It is important to understand how a great seller responds when things get tough. Efficient salespeople don’t let the fear of failure or rejection harm their effort level.

They listen more than they talk

It is impossible to help without understanding a person’s needs first. In most cases, customers aren’t always willing or prepared to explain their needs on their own. A smart salesperson will take a listener’s mindset at the very start of the conversation. They ask questions and then they sit back and listen. This lets the customer explain how that salesperson can serve them best.

They have a Clear Intent:

Customers can sense when they are being sold and viewed. Once a customer realizes that a seller doesn’t have the customer’s best interests at heart, trust goes out the door. The only difference between manipulating and persuading someone is intent. The best sellers have crystal clear intent to help and serve their customers from the very beginning.

All of the above mindsets help in becoming an effective salesperson and hence building your business.

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