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How to be a 5pm to 9am entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has become all the rage these days. Having a job does not mean you can’t dive into the entrepreneurial pool. Instead of leaving your job and diving all in, you can build a “5pm to 9am”. This provides an opportunity to test the waters and brings out your inner entrepreneur on your own terms.

Here is how you can be a 5pm to 9am entrepreneur

Pick your project
You should have an idea in your mind on which you would like to work. You need to decide whether you are looking to launch an online business, self-publish a book or an e-book, and more. The gist is that you need to choose just one project you want to work on. You will be getting limited time after your work day ends. Thus, you need to use the remaining time efficiently.

Establish a brain trust
The task is, no doubt, very challenging. Don’t operate in a vacuum. Identify a few people whose expertise in the field can help you in building your business. One way to do so is through LINQQ. You can make links with numerous experts through this platform. You can ask these people to become your “board of advisors.”

Seek people you think will be able to help in developing your idea, market your product, find opportunities, and identify new clients.

Know more
If the idea you wish to work on is from a different field, it will require skill you don’t have expertise in. Thus, you need to gain knowledge so that you can apply your skills effectively. You may use many online platforms to gain knowledge.

Set a target
You need to set some benchmarks for yourself. You are starting with a path without knowing where and when it ends. Establishment of goals will help you measure your own progress and failures. These small victories will help you to motivate yourself and failures will make you realize where you need improvements.

A 5pm to 9am will help you establish yourself as an entrepreneur and develop your own interests into a business. Along with this, a stable income keeps its flow through your daily work.

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