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Satjeet Singh

Founder & CEO, Book My Chotu

Q. Please enlighten us a little about yourself?

I have an experience of approximately 10 years and an entrepreneur for almost 3 years now.

What is your startup all about?

We provide on-demand helpers for as low as INR 90 per hour. Hire hourly helpers for cleaning, shifting, first mile/last mile deliveries.

What inspired you to start your own startup?

While working with Ernst and Young I used to go on audits for big companies. In my early days I learnt a lot about how businesses were made and learnt about growth. Seeing such businesses was a big inspiration.

What were the obstacles that you faced during your early days of starting up?

We failed in our startup and burnt some money in the same. BMC is our second startup so we learnt a lot from the mistakes we made in our first startup. Secondly it’s been two years since BMC has been running successfully, we many times had situations wherein we saw our money reserve getting depleted, but we kept moving on and on.

What are the eminent lessons that you have learned in your startup journey?

I think a lesson each and every entrepreneur should learn/realize is that you need to keep innovating and keep moving forward. We had an eureka moment in our startup at the time of demonetization, BMC got world wide popularity as we were the only startup who cracked a help for people who were getting inconvenience in the ATM Queues.

What are your views on networking and networking events?

It is not a primary thing. Meeting fellow people in the industry acts as a catalyst in the growth, but it is not something you should depend upon completely

How were you able to build a strong team and retained them?

We run referral schemes and give incentive to our current employees.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Three years is too short in case of business growth. Like I observed, while working on audits I saw that entrepreneurs took years to achieve the growth in businesses. In next couple of years BMC should definitely have presence in PAN India.

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